Sunday, August 8, 2010

Noh linked with a stay with Arema Malang (Edited)

Indonesian and ASEAN football blog Jakarta Casual has reported Singapore forward Noh Alam Shah is staying with the Indonesian Champions Arema Malang.

However, take note that my header is linked and not signed as confirmed.

It is not because I do not trust the blog - Jakarta Casual - but because like my previous post - Noh Alam Shah linked with Indonesian Cup champions - about Noh movement, when every Indonesian media network put the Sriwijaya move as 100% confirmed, I know the transfer scene in Indonesia is rarely confirmed until the ink is on the dotted line (and even then, it may not be confirmed and we have to wait for the season to start)

After all, remember Duric 'confirmed' transfer or even the many transfer stories (which I was 'lazy' to document) during that crazy September period that tell us Khariul Amri or Shaiful Esah etc is confirmed going

But, if Noh do make this move and signs an extension to his contract, one can only hoped he has worked out the financial side of this new deal; unlike the previous one.

What could have tempted Noh so much?

Who know for maybe Arema Malang promised much like giving him all his unpaid salary and bonus.

Certainly not everybody trust the dealing and wheeling of Indonesian football as even before the current batch, there were the likes of Dickson and Ahmad Latiff and they were not welly rewarded for their moves.

Dickson is even willing to stay with an Eagles team that is financial-stable - but certainly not cash-rich like the Big 3 - instead of seeking the so-called richly move back to Indonesian football.

This is no surprise as he was seeking a way back as early as one year after moving there because the clubs that promised much did not end up giving him what they promised.

However, former Arema Malang coach Roberts Alberts did noticed Noh still think with his heart.


aremania1981 said...

I just want to correct, the truth is Malang not Maleng. Maleng in the java language is a thief, so different meanings. Thank you for your attention.

happy said...

Thanks for pointing it out as sometimes the translator put it as Maleng or Malang