Thursday, August 26, 2010

S-league Preview

Last Preview - 4 right with 1 perfect score and 3 wrong

Young Lions vs Balestier Khalsa
The Tigers is in a rut before the YOG break - although they handed the former Champions a drubbing - and it must have come at the right time for them. They, especially key member Rivaldo, are now well-rested while on the other hand, key members of the Young Lions side went on a training stint with the National team at Serbia. Will the Young Lions focus be a little off. I think so. 2-1 to Balestier Khalsa

Albirex Niigata (S) vs Gombak United
This should be part of the squeal to Draw the name of the game. Cannot see either winning this one or even scoring a goal. The less I talk about this game, the better as it pain me to see a side like Gombak United; that have the potential to play football but refused to play it by choosing to grind out goalless draw. 0-0 draw.

Woodlands Wellington vs Home United
This is an easy one. The Protectors will walk with all 3 points but the Rams will count themselves lucky, the Bishan team have bigger fish to fry thus is unlikely to go all out and hand the Rams the thrashing they may fear. 3-0 to Home United

Etoile FC vs Geylang United
This is a tough one for the French before their all-important match against Home United in a few days time. The Eagles play the type of game they hate most. They packed their backline with a 'bus' and refused to come out to play football even when they have the ball. They also do anything, like hacking the legs of their rivals, in trying to stop them from playing. It cannot be a worse time for the French to play the Eagles as they will have to spend much effort to break the Bedok team down and yet they have to keep themselves fresh for Home United. However, if Etoile desired to be champions then there no better time for them to show it. 1-0 to Etoile FC

Beijing Gouan (S) vs Tampines Rovers
The Stags can still afford to drop at this stage but surely, they will not drop it against the Chinese side. With the match being a LIVE telecast, it has been move to Jalan Besar and this mean one of the strength of the Chinese side have already been eliminated. The Chinese have shown they have adapted better at the mud pitch at Yishun and as a result, they have won a series of matches including a win against Stags main challenger, Etoile FC. That why the Stags must take full advantage as they have the personals to win this match. 3-0 to Tampines Rovers

SAFFC vs Sengkang Punggol
The former champions are in such bad shape, I do not dare to back even when they are up against a side like Sengkang Punggol. Still, it will be the first time, the Warriors play at their real home, Choa Chu Kang, since May and they must want to celebrate it in style by winning their 'opening' match. After all, it is Sengkang Punggol we are talking about. 2-1 to SAFFC

Home United vs Etoile FC
Frankly, I do not really know who to back as they are equally strong and both teams are capable of winning this encounter. It may be down to a mistake to decide a match like this one. But at least, there is a chance for fans to catch a potentially thrilling encounter. If it is anything like the 3-3 draw at Clementi earlier in the season, then at least I can console myself for such a result will surely mean the end of Home United title hopes. 3-3 draw, it is for me.

Tampines Rovers vs Young Lions
The Stags will know the result of their rivals squareup by this match and the best scenario, for the Stags, is both have knocked each other title hopes by playing out a draw. Regardless of what have happen, the Stags must take advantage as at least one of their main rival have slip up and it is time to kill off that rival fading title hopes. The Cubs are beatable and they have the personals and experience. 3-1 to Tampines Rovers.

Gombak United vs SAFFC
The Bulls should be favour as they have a longer period to recapture their strength thus they should take this match by it horns. However, this is the non-scoring and boring Bulls we are talking about. They cannot score to save their skin and I fear this become a bore fest as the Warriors will be too tired to entertain us. 0-0 draw

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