Sunday, August 1, 2010

S-league Preview

Last week Preview - 2 right and 4 wrong with 1 yet to be decided

Beijing Gouan (S) vs Home United
It is a tough one for the Protectors. If it was a few week ago, it will be a walkover but the Chinese side have hit a purple patch and they dispatched former leader Etoile FC two weeks ago with ease. But like a broken recorder, it is win or burst for the Protectors. They have no choice left as fate is not in their hand. 2-1 win for Home United

Young Lions vs Geylang United
This has a draw written over it. The Cubs are starting to shuffle their team more now as they test more local players for the Asian Games while the Eagles as I have written lacked the ambition and ability to win games. I cannot see who will take charge of this game. 0-0 draw

Sengkang Punggol vs Gombak United
Another draw game if you ask me. Like the above Preview, the Bulls lacked ambition and ability to win games. But Sengkang is in no better position, they lacked the ability to put the ball in the net as well. Who will show mercy and score in his match for this is a LIVE game and not a great advertisement for the S-league. Nobody as far as I can see. 0-0 draw

Etoile FC vs Woodlands Wellington
The French are walking away with 3 points and the scoreline is the only guess here. At 1 stage, the French score 10 goals in 4 games but they are back to where they were - 1 goal per game. With result more important than goals, they will settle for it even when the Rams are up for the kill as the Northern team must be putting all their effort for the weekend game. 1-0 to Etoile FC
SAFFC vs Balestier Khalsa
The Warriors hope to finish in the top 3 but I cannot see them doing it. I am not even sure they can win this encounter with the Tigers. That how badly their season have gone this season. But Indra need only 1 more to get his 200th domestic goal (3 more to get official S-league Award) and it is time he got it. This is a LIVE match so the former Lions skipper may perk for this game and go for the record. 3-0 to the Warriors

Geylang United vs Beijing Gouan (S)
The Chinese side will be confident of winning this one. They are on a great run and showing more ambition than the home side. Goals win games and the Chinese side are showing they know where the back of the net is unlike the Bedok team. They can win it. 2-0 to Beijing

Woodlands Wellington vs Sengkang Punggol
Let give Abdelhadi Laakkad his last chance. The Moroccan has the ability but since his return, he has yet to score. This is the game to prove he still have it. It will not be easy as Sengkang will send Kenji Arai to take him on. It is the Japanese up against the Moroccan that might decide the two Singapore club fate. For Rams, defeat the Dolphins and they can keep the second-bottom side close to them with a chance to overtake. For Dolphins, a draw or win and the Wooden Spoon await the Rams. 2-1 to the Rams

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