Saturday, August 7, 2010

Noh reject Sriwijaya

Despite many reports from Indonesia claiming Noh Alam Shah is already a Sriwijaya player next season, it has emerged the Singapore international have rejected the offer from the Palembang club.

Is this a smart move with the Indonesian Super Liga set to start in two month time?

I think so if the reason are for the right ones and not those that claimed Noh is refusing to move without certain players or dislike living in Palembang etc.

I would say Sriwijaya is more an Indonesia equivalent of a Gombak than SAFFC and that mean the long-term security the 29-year-old is looking for when he depart Arema Malang is still lacking.

Former Uzbekistan forward Pavel Solomin had score the winning goal while Precious play a significant part in the Indonesian Cup Final but at this moment in time, reports indicate they have yet to sign an extension.

It is clear Sriwijaya cannot offer term on a long term basis as their budget is not stable from year to year as they did run into trouble early in the year when salaries were not paid before the regional government gave them a 'loan'.

That when Solomin came into the picture as he was recruited then thus as Sriwijaya work on their next budget they are without knowledge on what the next, next budget should be.

Noh is going to be 30 soon thus he need to make a move to a club that will really set him up for the next few years and not keep have worry over the next contract even when he play well.

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