Friday, August 6, 2010

Valle : The way Rams is playing is not helping S-league

Despite a 2-0 victory over bottom-dewller Woodlands Wellington, Etoile FC Patrick Vallee expressed his disappointment with the way the Rams is approaching the game is not helping the S-league brand.

In what is a robust contest, the Rams, being the inferior
team, had retort to rough challenges to stop the current championship challenger and the French coach was unhappy about that.

He believed it lead to a negative attitude about the S-league with Woodlands Wellington refusing to let them play any sort of football.

In a way, I cannot disagree with Vallee as this season I have seem too many contest where teams are refusing to play football and it is tough to watch such matches; especially for those who are neutral and rarely go to matches.

That why even although the fight for fourth place is close, it has not been a great contest to watch those teams play.

I once say only the S-league Big 3 along Gombak United can play football among the local clubs but this season the Bulls have fall off that list and negative football have taken hold in the S-league as results take increasing importance.

That is a problem worse than inferior foreigner recruit by the clubs as it mean I worry about the Lions outside of the Big 3 who are being hindered by the negative style especially if they are the forward line.

Karim Boudjema
and Anthony Moulin had score for the French side

Woodlands Wellington
Fajar Sarib (GK), Winston Yap, Kazuki Yoshino, Sahairi Ramri, Anaz Hadee, Luis Eduardo Hicks, (Guntur Djafri) Shahri Musa, (Asraf Rashid) Noor Ali (C), Sazali Salleh, Abdelhadi Laakkad, (Nigel Vanu) Rizawan Abdullah

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