Tuesday, July 12, 2011

That man is hookwinking us again

That man at FAS cannot be trusted and I will stay by that even more now.

He can tell us we have no money yet he has no problem giving money to another FA who has a budget that is nearly 3 times bigger than us.

What does it tell me about his ideas.

It just tell me we are set to enter an age where money will be flowing out again as long as he get what he want.

Which is of course glory or else why  will we see a deal that allowed a 'youth' team to be staffed with up to as many as 8 players (5 overage players & 3 possible foreigners) who one cannot classified as youth.

So all pretence that it is an U23 project is thrown out the window. (As it was likely never an U23 project in the first place)

Like what I noted before, glory is more important and FAS under that man has bowed to it.

Also it make a mockery of the talk in Jakarta Casual about the benefits to us as in the end, it resemble a senior team more than a youth team and we are paying a sum of money to FAM.

Who is the fool?

Not FAM for sure.

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