Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tampines unwilling to lose Shahdan Sulaiman

With the revelation, the Courts Young Lions want Tampines Rovers to give up midfielder Shahdan Sulaiman due to 'national interest', Stags head coach Steven Tan was none too pleased.  

Shahdan Sulaiman have been played a pivotal role in the centre of the Stags midfield and have given them the creative juice they desire.

Therefore Tampines Rovers is unwilling to lose the 22-year-old as they are still in the hunt for the championship.

Steven Tan have wondered why Courts Young Lions cannot wait for he has given a deadline of October to release Shahdan Sulaiman to the Jalan Besar team.

However his pleas is unlikely to work on a FAS bent on getting players in the name of 'national interest'.

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