Saturday, January 19, 2013

A future S-league store?

S-league CEO Lim Chin have indicated there will be a S-league store in future according to axrosstheline.

“The discussion for this (one-stop store) to happen is still in its initial stages but we’re already into negotiations with Singapore Sports Council (SSC) with regards to the lease of space at Jalan Besar Stadium,” Lim said.

“The store will allow all Singapore football fans to purchase merchandises of their favorite teams from the store, and it will only be operational during game days at the Jalan Besar Stadium.”

“The objective is to provide assistance to the clubs to sell their merchandises, and slowly as we progress, we will bring in more merchandises, if the demand is high,” he added.

While the store may act as a one-stop store for all fans, Lim will not stop individual clubs to have their own merchandise booth during their game days.

All this look positive but I expect it to be as long as the wait for the MRT line to be fully completed in 2030 with the first one just 5 years earlier.

Reason is we are talking about negotiation with an organistation I have dubbed $$C.

Just looked at the number times over the years a number of projects have torpedoed because $$C wanted not to talk about whether it is to help the football industry but whether it will filled up their pocket first and the first thing they always raised (you know it) is the rent.

And it must always be market rate even as a number of sites (stadiums or sport facilities) under their charge have no outlets or else they rather it is left empty.

I cannot see them changing anything as long as it called $$C and not Singapore Sport Council (SSC) who should look after Singapore Sports first.  

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