Thursday, January 3, 2013

DPMM fans divided on Harry deal

The Brunei Times are reporting DPMM fans are divided whether the deal to to sign Harry Kewell is to their benefits.

At $1.2m per year for his salary, some believed the former Australian international is overpriced as the money can be spent getting a better and younger player than him.

Also the club can spend that money in other areas such as youth development and stadium improvement as the stadium the club is playing in is in need of a roof to protect the fans from nature aliments.

However on the other side, they believe that $1.2m will be well spend if it helps them clinch the 2013 title and at that price tag, he may be even cheaper than other big-name players

Regardless of where one stand, it is clear Harry already got DPMM fans talking and maybe S-league one as well if he is signed.

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