Monday, January 14, 2013

Albirex appoint new coach

Albirex Niigata (S) have announced 3 more players are being released from the club.

1) 2012 Top Scorer, Yasuhiro Yamakoshi who scored 15 goals in 28 matches
2) Midfielder, Keisuke Matsui
3) Defender, Takeshi Ito

Along with that they have announced Tatsuyuki Okuyama who is from Albirex Niigata Ladies (J) for 2013 season will be contracted with them for the upcoming season.

His CV:
1999-2004 Albirex NiigataSoccer School (Japan), Coach
2005 Albirex Niigata Junior Youth (Japan) U-13 Head Coach
2006 Albirex Niigata Junior Youth (Japan) U-14 Head Coach
2007 Albirex Niigata Junior Youth (Japan) U-15 Head Coach
2008-2012 Albirex Niigata Ladies (Japan), Head Coach

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