Sunday, December 8, 2013

Answer question on national interest first

Once again, S-league is whipping boy for not helping Singapore football but let asked ourselves how we got into that situation

As I noted before, there is just not enough money invested by Football Association of Singapore (FAS) in youth development for clubs have to take out money from their own pocket every year and how do one expect this to go on.

Nobody can develop 40 players (Now 150) on a $100k budget; not even Barcelona.

And I have talked about it - Forcing clubs will do nobody any good and How about aiming your gun at your boss, the culprit, for once, Raddy

Then the other problem is FAS become your competitor for whatever good players one have.

Let look at history as a lesson for that for I noted before, remember 2003 as an example, Geylang was building a promising team, that had included Baihakki, which had finished second in both league and cup.

What was their reward?

They lost 7 U23 players to FAS immediately in their next season and they could not even appeal as it was all in the name of national interest.

Thus what awaited as a 'reward' was a bottom 3 finish in 2004 as they could not rebuild a similar side in such a short time.

For FAS, their Young Lions team got third in 2004 on the corpse of Woodlands Wellington (by getting their Agu Casmir & Itimi Dickson) and Geylang.

Since then which other clubs have try to build such promising teams again and the answer is in front for the reason, it is a lose-lose deal for clubs.

Good players go to FAS no matter what. Average to Bad players they get to keep.

Indeed, Gombak and Balestier have try to build sides but they only dare to play young players who are around their 20s like Poh Yi Feng (No disrepute, Poh, you are a good average player but just not national team) who are not in the radar of FAS so they will not be touched.

When one always run the risk of losing players, nobody will do a good job and that is why clubs run away once they do not have to develop COEs anymore as they are the ones spending money while FAS get all credits and real rewards.

Will you, Stange Benard, develop players just because of name of national interest on an empty stomach. (If you can do that, you do not need to collect your wages)

Answer that and then youth development can take off.

For I have noted in the second link, Football Federation like France do not take away good players from clubs who developed them and instead give more such players to those clubs with good reputation of youth development to encourage them to do better job.

It is so unlike Singapore where the 'reward' is FAS will get them for their teams.

This question cannot be avoided if one want clubs to develop players because nobody in the world will develop for FAS just because of 'national interest'.

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