Sunday, September 6, 2009

Here we go again from SPH

First thing, SPH paper TNP (sister paper of Straits Times) talking about local sport is a shock for even local football do not get that on a monthly basis let alone weekly.

But not suprised as coming from SPH, it is yet another article on the return to Malaysia Cup.

This year, we have a change of guard at the top at FAS and the last time SPH kept talking about returning to Malaysia (With baised articles from Jeffery Low and late Tan Cheong Koon) was back in 03-04 period.


Ho Peng Kee was taking over as the new FAS President then and this year it is Mayor Zainudin Nordin, who is taking over the hotseat and the Pro-Malaysia editoral team are surely hoping for Zainudin to be 'hoodwinked' and proceed to destory 13 years of work by both FAS and the clubs in building up S-league.

It does not change the fact, time have changed from 2003 let alone 1994.

First, AFC, have since 2004, stated they want each Asian nations to have their own league if they want to compete in Asia. Second, the changes they have done to enchance the ACL and AFC Cup competitions and the respective leagues established by the Asian FAs. Third, and the most important point is that Malaysia is showing us, even with 26 years of running a league, they still do not know it importance and joining such an organisation is a death wish for S'pore football ( This is not an article on Malaysia so will not go)

Indeed, we are the one leading the way in club organisation among the second-tier nations as the criterias AFC demanded, in 2008, was a 3-round league and the absoration of the Cups into the league from Asian Leagues with fewer than 14 teams and we started such a system back in 2001.

And starting from 2011, an Asian League must have a programme no less than 8 months long; which we established back in 2001 as well as the way foward.

That why S'pore S-league was the one sole Asian League from the East that was promoted to ACL this year as all other leagues, including one from the north which was graded a D on League, failed.

So are we going to throw everything away to join an organisation which changes it rules and league every years to accommdate their G14.

Back in 06, they had banned DPPM Brunei from their deserved place in Malaysia Cup, after the Brunei club won a slot, as it was taking a slot from their own.

Nothing wrong with that but only if the rules were clear about it at the start, not when DPMM won the slot and then FAM go to change it.

Can we trust FAM then as we must remember we have nobody to turn to like basketball S'pore Slingers who are now without a league as the Auusies NBL believed it was better if the Slingers was out if they could not survived.

It is indeed a death wish to join an organisation where S'pore have no control of its own fate and one only hoped new FAS President Zainudin Nordin do not be 'hoodwinked'.

Even such talk of ASEAN Super League are died as AFC had opposed it (and under FIFA rules, confederation blessing are needed for any international league to form) as well as other ASEAN FAs like PSSI and VFF, who rejected the plans already 2 years ago (So it show us why TNP hve no reporters and not gathering the latest reports instead of old news from 2007)

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