Sunday, September 6, 2009

What about future Asian Games

At the beginning, the Republic Under-23 football team were not among those selected to go to the Doha Games before an appeal saw the about turn from Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) to select the team.

So that means the end of the issue then.

If one is just thinking about the 2006 Asian Games, then yes, but to be honest, it does not take a genius to foretell that the same situation will pop out again for the 2010 Asian Games and beyond.

That is where the problem lie for Singapore for while our Under-23 team is never assured of the Asian Games, the Asian Games is part of Saudi Arabia, Japan and South Korea development plan where the Asian powerhouse send their Under-21 team to gain the needed exposure and experience to enhance their potential.

The Asian powerhouses know by only sending their Under-21 team to the Asian Games, they have given up their right to Asian Games crown but it matter not to them for football development for their youngsters is the main point.

The difference then is clear to note for SNOC does not concern itself with football development and it is not wrong as that is not SNOC area of scope.

It is FAS job and it is time FAS start to analyze whether it is possible to request SNOC to exempt the sport from their decision making by agreeing not only to pay the their own expenses but also restructuring the aim and buildup of the SEA Games to prove football development is the main point at these Games.

By that, the author means sending Under-21 teams to the biennial SEA Games for football development thus preparing for the build-up to an Under-23 team for the Asian Games. The Under-21 team will then also have an aim to progress unlike now for since it formation it has been drifting aimlessly seems by it non-action.

However in this way, the SEA Games crown is a goner but if football development is indeed part of FAS aim in sending the Singapore Under-23 team to the 2006 Asian Games as reported in their appeal to SNOC, it is time to back their words with proof.

Future Asian Games must no longer be held hostage to the relevant of results when the aim should be like Saudi Arabia, Japan and South Korea; which is to gain the needed exposure and experience to enhance the team potential.

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