Friday, September 18, 2009

Ridhuan move to Arema but Hassan is staying

Tampines Rovers have lost yet another player to ISL with winger Ridhuan Muhammad signing with Arema Malang, where he will be joining former Stags teammate Noh Alam Shah.

He is expected to get S$8000 a month with Arema Malang.

But this will be the end of the exodus for Tampines Rovers, until the S-league window open, as keeper Hassan Sunny's move to ISL club Persib Bandung was blocked by the league administration.

It was because the Stags have only 16 S-League full-time players registered - the minimum for S-League clubs - after the departures of Alam Shah, Ridhuan and Fahrudin Mustafic.

The S'pore national keeper had been confident of a move to ISL as he had remarked to the media he was 70% sure of a move to Persib Bandung but it seem he had counted his chicken before they hatched

Any move to ISL will have to wait until November and it may be too late then for Hassan Sunny.

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