Tuesday, September 15, 2009

S'pore central defence join ISL

S'pore central defence pairing of Baihakki Khaizan and Precious Emuejeraye have joined the exodus to the Indonesian Super Liga.

Baihakki will be joining Persija Jakarta while Precious is joining Copa Indonesia Champions, Sriwijaya.

Baihakki Khaizan will be departing Geylang United in October and will not be playing in the RHB S'pore Cup Final if Geylang United reached that stage with the Eagles currently set to play against Albirex Niigata (S) in the semi-final.
As for Precious Emuejeraye, he will be staying until the end of the season with his current employer Woodlands Wellington and Rams coach Nenad Bacina is delighted with Precious loyalty as he is valuable asset to the Northern club as they looked to finish on a high toward the end of the season.

Baihakki will be doubling his pay with Persija as he is expected to get S$8000 a month with a Condominium and a chauffeured car thrown in.

To ease Baihakki fear about stories of unpaid salaries in ISL, he will be getting a 6 months pay advance.

For Precious, he is reported getting Rp1.3billion which is S$188000 or nearly S$15ooo a month to join Sriwijaya.


Pohui said...

Wah... like struck lottery siah!!

happy said...

Wish they mke use of this $ & nt squander it like a lot footballers stories