Friday, September 11, 2009

Speak up, Zainudin

With SPH seeking a return to Malaysia Cup once again with the change of the leadership at FAS and now, Noh Alam Shah attack on the domestic scene, FAS president Zainudin cannot keep his mouth shut any longer. (By that, I mean not just talking to Noh Alma Shah)

I was prepare to give him the space time to speak on issues to the public like until the end of the season S-league Night or next season opening day but now, with his organization under attack, he need to be seem and heard and not just his deputy, FAS general-secretary Winston Lee, who is taking all the heat.

In truth, FAS general-secretary post is more important than FAS president as the general-secretary hold the real power as he run FAS day-to-day activities with the president more of a figurehead.

But this is not how it is seem by the man on the street and up until now, Zainudin has not spoken in defence of the S-league or even the National Team.

It is understandable, S'pore is in a recession and, as Central Mayor, he has much on his plate.

However, remembering the era of Mah Bow Tan, I will not stand for it longer than necessary if the president do not come out sooner rather than later.

Before going on, we go back to Mah Bow Tan for the reason I had such a negative view of his era which was his failure to defend his organisation or it products - S-league - as he preached the 'co-operative era' with the media.

He wanted both to work together to build up S'pore football but it ended up, as expected, with SPH media seeking a return to Malaysia Cup and Mah Bow Tan was nowhere to be seem or heard.

As the head, his subordinates must be wondering if it was worth defending S'pore football or S-league when, as President, he did not come forward at any junction to defend his organisation first.

It was a terrible decision to believe he could just contentrated on laying the groundwork for the National Team and S-league and let results speak for itself.

That was why it was refreshing, when towards the end of his regin, a loudmouth Englishman came to S'pore defence, when FAS was missing, with Steve Darby willing to hit back at SPH when their then-writer Jeffery Low wrote an article claiming the S-league game between Home United and Balestier Khalsa was fixed (without any proof).

Any other sport organisation would have leap to defend it product if it had been attacked, especially corruption, without any proof for we know the damage it could bring, like Steve Darby did, but then-general-secretary John Koh did nothing and Mah was to blame as he did not step out to lead.

That why the Ho Peng Kee era was, in comparison, sunshine as he was willing to defend his organisation and it product, for from the start, he make it clear S-league was here to stay and FAS is not returning to FAM arms and he is determined to make S-league achieved ACL.

That was leadership as the vision was set out and now they can focus on it.

The change in FAS was seem soon after the 04/05 Tiger Cup win as SPH make another attempt to showcase why we should return to Malaysia Cup claiming a speech by PM Lee on uniting S'porean mean football must 'sacrificed' itself and seek a return to Malaysia as it is the only way to unite S'porean.

This time, FAS was seem and heard as they defended it brand as they remind SPH that PM Lee speech was the reason why S'pore have to stay in the international areana as we were a nation, not the 14th state of Malaysia Federation, and the true success was from international scene.

Now, under you, Zainudin, surely you are not returning to Mah Bow Tan hide-and-seek era as your deputy is taking the leadership role, not you

Show leadership and speak up on your own vision for S'pore

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