Sunday, September 6, 2009

Media Watch for the ASEAN Football Championship

With 48 hours before the ASEAN Football Championship start, let take a look at the media reporting this time round as one never forgot how they always seek to ask where the support is when they should also be asking themselves that question.

It seem the local media (especially SPH) before this year ASEAN Football Championship, has been more balanced in their reporting

Before the previous edition, even when Singapore had won the Tiger International Football Festival, SPH reporting was really terrible ignoring the fact that friendly competition was to train for the ASEAN Finals. (Myanmar which finished last got into semi-final)

This year, even when Singapore did not make it to the King Cup Final, it was clear the objectives were like last time; the ASEAN Finals and SPH accepted that.

For unlike last time, even up to the semi-final of the Tiger Cup, when SPH had the audacity to send an interim reporter to report on the match, with no senior reporters in sight, this time a friendly Cup competition like the King Cup saw SPH dispatching a reporter.

First of all, there is nothing wrong with the reporter being an interim but it was the fact she was more into lifestyle than sport and had admitted in her article she wanted to be in Orchard Road.

How then was it that the article got past the editor cut, one never know, but it was not about sport and how hypocritical (All of them as take your pick with those who were harsh before suddenly writing they always believed in Singapore and proud of it) the editors are once Singapore was in the Final (and it was the second leg as in the first leg SPH wrote as little) as they all jots to write with both the AFC website and soccernet website picking up on it; noting up until then the SPH media was non-existent but this time, they had 6 pages.

So then if Singapore do well this time, hope the Lim and the Tay do come around and write about how they believed in Singapore and not end up like in their own reports on why Singaporean do not come out in force to support the National Team when they themselves should looked at the mirror and asked their own (biased) reporting.

As for Mediacorp Today, that year 2 years ago was the start of the partnership (S-league and Singapore National Team) and they did do their job reporting on Singapore National Team from the first word go.

This time around it not much different as they are the only paper that consistently send a reporter to Singapore overseas trip with last year Asian Cup qualifiers a good example as they were in UAE, China and Jordan (while others may relied more on overseas report)

So the question is will it last?

Maybe for MediaCorp Today but not holding too much over any of the SPH papers as their track records over the years do not fill one with confidence.

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