Thursday, September 10, 2009

League record is Mirko last stand

With SAFFC Aleksandar Duric capturing yet another of Mirko Grabovac record, the ex-Singapore international and SAFFC legend, who is back in Croatia, must be hoping the talks on Duric retiring at the end of the season are true.

Even if it is not, Grabovac have little to worry about Duric getting his last remaining record which is highest number of league goals in 1 season - 39 goals in 33 league games - set in 2001 season.

For at his peak form two years back, Duric had only 37 goals in 31 games and now, the 39-year-old, while still scoring goals, is finding it more difficult against top-half teams and getting his break against the bottom-half teams thus limiting his options.

As for other challengers, they are even more unlikely to repeat the kind of form Duric found in 2007 or even Grabovac in 2001 as among all the players in the league, only Brazilian Peres De Oliveria has found the net as many time as them in the 30-goal bracket and that was back in 2003.

Therefore Grabovac league record will be staying for a long time to come.

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