Sunday, April 3, 2011

S-league Preview VIII

S-league Preview VII - 3 right and 3 wrong

Mon 4-Apr Geylang United - TPUFC (BDK)
Mon 4-Apr Woodlands Wellington - Tampines Rovers (WLD)
Tue 5-Apr Gombak United - Hougang United (JWS)
Wed 6-Apr Balestier Khalsa - Albirex Niigata (S) (TPY)
Thu 7-Apr SAFFC - Home United (CCK)
Fri 8-Apr Etoile FC - Tampines Rovers (JBS)
Sat 9-Apr Courts Young Lions - Woodlands Wellington (JBS)

Geylang United - TPUFC
Geylang United main problem this season is not their attack, it is their once 'notorious bus' defence. After all, the past two seasons only saw the Eagles scored 68 goals from 63 league games so their attack were hardly prolific. That why when the Eagles score a goal - in the past as least - they were always set to get something from the game yet last week, against Albirex Niigata (S), they failed as they leaked three goals. What happen? Did Belicak and Louis 'stole the bus' when they left as the Eagles are acting like strangers in defence now. By hook or by crook, Mike Wong has to get his 'new bus' soon or the Eagles season is going down the drain. 3-1 to the Eagles

Woodlands Wellington - Tampines Rovers
The Rams has finally scored their first goal of the season. Now come the bad news, they are bottom of the table and not likely to have any chance they will get out of it this week. Yes, the Stags will be tired after their encounter with the Protectors just 72 hours earlier but they do not need to be at full strength to take on the Rams. That why the Rams will be delighted to know the Stags is unlikely to go all out (as then it will be a massacre) for another 72 hours later, the Stags will have another tough encounter. 2-0 to Stags    

Gombak United - Hougang United
Believed the Bulls will edge this one as they will exploit Hougang main weakness; which is their leaky defence. From corner, free-kick or crosses etc I cannot see how the Cheetahs will be able to stop these type of Bulls attacks efficiently with their soft defence. The Cheetah can score but they just cannot defend to earn anything. 2-1 to the Bulls

Balestier Khalsa - Albirex Niigata (S)
The Tigers are a tough side to beat this season as they refused to lie down and be beaten. Two goals down should have finished any side off and yet they staged their comeback in amazing fashion with two goals in the last 10 minutes. The White Swans are no weakling either as they fashion a win with, surprising, also two goals in the last 10 minutes. So we can see both are mentally strong this season and have the fight in them. A titanic battle and one that may end in a draw. 1-1 draw     

SAFFC - Home United
Are the Warriors bullies! They constantly win their encounters against the weaker oppositions yet when it come to the Big Boys, their players go into hiding. Against the Stags, the Warriors fall once again to the Big Boys and it is happening too often for in the last 16 months, they have only 1 win from their last 10 league meetings against Tampines Rovers, Home United and Etoile FC. I wonder if people will point to the maid photo and say the Warriors are a 'reflection' of that. If not, then show your menly strength as this is the Uniform Derby. 2-0 to Home United  

Etoile FC - Tampines Rovers
Like two weeks ago, the Stags are having a difficult calender as the league have scheduled a match just days earlier before a major match for them. It is not the league fault as it is the cancelled match from two weeks earlier but the Stags supporters will hardly care as they must be wondering why the league is so 'unfair' to them. But the Champions and their fans will not care and if they do not win this one, Etoile FC have no excuse. 2-1 to Etoile FC 

Courts Young Lions - Woodlands Wellington 
There is little to separate them. Both are equally non-threatening upfront and have young squads. The Rams though are a little older and have 4 foreigners. Not that it make much difference as they leaked more goals than the Cubs as well as scored fewer. A match that has the making of a classic (Like real). 0-0 draw

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