Monday, April 18, 2011

S-league Preview X

S-league Preview IX - 4 right with 2 perfect score and 2 wrong

Mon 18-Apr Hougang United - Albirex Niigata (S) (HGG)
Tue 19-Apr Gombak United - TPUFC (JWS)
Wed 20-Apr Courts Young Lions - Home United (JBS)
Thu 21-Apr Balestier Khalsa - Woodlands Wellington (TPY)
Thu 21-Apr Geylang United - Tampines Rovers (BDK)
Fri 22-Apr SAFFC - Etoile FC (JBS)
Sat 23-Apr Courts Young Lions - Gombak United (JBS)

Hougang United vs Albirex Niigata (S)
The meeting of the two most attacking sides outside the top 4 teams so let hope they can prove it. If nothing else, both sides should provide a game with goals but if the Cheetahs want to gain anything from this game they should not concede early and as many goals as they 'use do'. Going behind mean they have to attack more that let to more goals being conceded and that is why they have conceded as many as they have. But it does make them an exciting side so let hoped this is an exciting game. 3-2 to Albirex Niigata (S) 

Gombak United vs TPUFC
Surely the Bulls will win (even if it may not be a convincing win). Again like last week, it is because the Jaguars cannot matched up to more experienced foes and the Bulls cannot mess this up (or maybe they can). 2-0 to the Bulls 

Courts Young Lions vs Home United 
Even without Qiu Li, the Protectors have no right not to win this one or many will questioned it abilities. The Cubs along with Jaguars and Rams are considered the three weakest in the league this season and teams facing them this campaign, especially the Big 3, have to gain full points. 3-0 to the Protectors 

Balestier Khalsa vs Woodlands Wellington
Let be honest, the Rams do looked to be the 'strongest' among the Wooden Spoon contenders so this is an advantage here as Balestier Khalsa are expected to win all 3 points here. The Rams do not have to achieve that although they may like their first win. A draw is as good as a win for the Rams as they continued to pick a point here and there to climb up the league table. There is more than achievable at Toa Poyah as the Tigers are no ferocious cats and will not eat them up. 1-1 draw  

Geylang United vs Tampines Rovers
The Eagles have no chance in this Derby match-up judging from how their season started and how they are playing at this moment. It is cruel to a once-proud club which had dominated Singapore football back in the SPL days and won the first ever S-league title. Indeed, the Bedok club had double their title count by winning their second S-league crown before the Stags won their first trophy - 2002 Singapore Cup - in the professional era. But the tide has changed for while the Eagles won their first trophy - 2009 RHB Singapore Cup -  in 9 years, the Stags had 2 league titles and 3 Singapore Cup in that time. Like the trophies count, the Eagles are far behind now. 3-0 to the Stags 

SAFFC vs Etoile FC
The Warriors have not played well this season but the fact they are second show us their mental strength. This is commendable and once again they have to call it up when they face the champions. The Warriors can get full points from their encounters even when playing as badly as they are and that make them formidable foes. It is build on a recipe of any championship side and that is a defence that is near to unimpeachable. I am not sure the Champions can preach that as they are another side that are playing decently but not brilliantly yet and against SAFFC defence they need to be brilliant. 1-0 to SAFFC 

Courts Young Lions vs Gombak United
This is the second match for the Bulls to collect another 3 'easy' points. Yes, the match is played at an 'inappropriate' time (or in the words of the Rams coach - 'inhumane') but it is not good enough. They have the team to beat the Cubs and they have to beat the Cubs for no matter what they say afterwords (if they failed to win) many will say they are terrible (the nicest word I can think of ). 2-0 to the Bulls

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