Monday, April 25, 2011

S-league Preview XI

S-league Preview X - 4 right with 1 perfect score and 3 wrong

Mon 25-Apr TPUFC - Hougang United (CMT)
Tue 26-Apr Home United - Geylang United (BSN)
Thu 28-Apr Albirex Niigata (S) - SAFFC (JES)
Thu 28-Apr Etoile FC - Courts Young Lions (QTN)
Fri 29-Apr Woodlands Wellington - Gombak United (JBS)
Sat 30-Apr Tampines Rovers - Balestier Khalsa (TMP)

TPUFC vs Hougang United
Balestier coach Salim Moin called it a disappointing performance. As for Gombak Darren Stewart, he called it his team worst performance ever. Yet both teams defeated the Jaguars. That show the gulf the Jaguars has to breach and frankly they are not able to do it this season and maybe the next two as well (That how long it take to gain the needed experience). Hougang has no excuse not to walk away with 3 points. 2-0 to Hougang United

Home United vs Geylang United
I cannot see how Geylang United can score a goal at this point and without a goal, no team has any chance to win a game. So a draw is the best outcome for the Bedok side but too bad, their infamous 'bus' defence is long gone (or is it thank goodness as watching it is painful at times). So does the Eagles have hopes? I would say yes as Home United can be negative at times with coach Lee seeming being 'afraid' of losing and have put one too many defensive midfielders to stifle others instead of others being afraid of Home star-stubbed team. This is one match he should not hold back as the Eagles will be more than willing to accept such an outcome. 1-0 to Home

Etoile FC vs Courts Young Lions
One cannot image how the champions will not win this match even if the Cubs put out their regulars again. With the Cubs seeking to expose as many players as possible they are constantly changing sides and Robin has admitted the second-stringers are 'pulling' down the team but the Cubs will continue as they need the experience. For me, I have say it and I will say it again, I am willing to accept it for the Cubs are developing players and that is the most important thing for me. 2-0 to Etoile FC

Albirex Niigata (S) vs SAFFC
The White Swans has lost every games they faced against the top 4 this season so once again, I believed this will be the outcome. The top 4 are in a class of their own and the White Swans do not have the players needed to take them on a constant basis. And the Warriors cannot afford not to win this one as even if the season is early, they should know every points count (as they are 8-times champions). Afterall at the end of the season, those close-but-no-cigar teams will look back and wonder what might have been if they did not drop a point here or there and this is one of those games that count as winable but is a banana skin as well. 2-0 to SAFFC    

Woodlands Wellington vs Gombak United 
The Rams do defend better than their fellow strugglers but like their fellow mates, they have no attack and once they go behind the game is up. That why they need to be tight against the Bulls as the Bulls attack are not the most fearsome in the league and can be contain. The fate of this game is in their own hand. Focus and contain their opponent and they have more than a reasonable chance of getting a point but anything more is asking for the moon. 0-0 draw

Tampines Rovers vs Balestier Khalsa
First thing, I have to praise the Stags as it is amazing they are top and still fighting for the championship in Singapore and Asia. I would have thought the schedule could have caught up with them but no, they have shown they are a side to fear in Singapore and Asia. They have the discipline and the talent to win this game before even the half is up but as always the Tigers will make it tough. The Tigers will be tight so the Stags have to score early or faced a siege on the Tigers defence as the game drag on. 1-0 to the Stags

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