Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A lacked of commitment from FAS

The year is 2012 but it may as well be decades ago as frankly information age or not, FAS is not there yet.

Until now, nearly a week after the Philippines matchup in Cebu, information on that match is 'impressively' still unavailable.

Indeed fans are still searching for information on that match as seem by the quote below from civotarum.
I have spent more than an hour searching the web looking for match stats for the phillipines singapore game.

All I can find is the starting lineup, and goalscorer. This is incomplete and I badly need the substitutions made to calculate the caps. Can anybody help???
If this was the only issue, one can say it is a one-time mistake and people should be more forgiving but let looked at S-league TV channel.

Do anybody noticed something!!!

If one is sharp, they can see the Tampines championship winning game against Harimau Muda that was put up by the S-league TV channel over a week ago is from May and there is no match of the November game.

The November game is surely the most important one of the season as it was the game that saw Tampines lift the trophy and yet on the official TV channel, one cannot find it.

How can it be as one has to go elsewhere to see the match.

The season end in November; which of course mean the number of eyeball dropped but does it mean FAS can then do a half fuck job.

It is a half fuck job as far as far as I am concern because they did not complete it and it tell me about the lacked of commitment of FAS as immediately after the season ended, such errors crept in where information are left out or ignored.

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