Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bottom 2 will still be hit

S-league Chief Executive Officer Lim Chin have revealed to S-league website that S-league bottom two will still be hit next year even if the S$30,000 and S$50,000 penalty does not happen.

Although at this point, it seem it is still being discussed by Strategic Business Unit (SBU).

He is quoted: “We cannot have the relegation trapdoor, but we will still introduce something to the bottom teams, where the last two will see a loss in terms of subsidies and incentives provided by the SBU to them the following season.”

While he is unwilling to give more details on this matter, he was more forthcoming on the rewards for the new fitness test.

Instead of simply having players try to meet the minimum standard, however, the authorities have created monetary rewards for those who post good running times.

Any player who can complete the run within exactly nine minutes will receive a reward of S$100, while for those who manage to go under eight minutes and 30 seconds, the money is doubled to S$200.

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