Friday, November 30, 2012

S-league out as ACL places decided

The final AFC Champions League (ACL) slots have been decided and S-league champions Tampines Rovers will play in the AFC Cup.

No doubt the local media will tell us it is because we have foreign teams in our league so that is why no ACL but is that the case.

Let be honest, A-league have a New Zealand team and it has direct entry to the ACL so what the beef.

It called politics and Australia Football Federation (AFF) know that. 

That why they send a team to Malaysia once they knew West Asia were ganging up together (in a brutal fight noted in the article that ultimately cost S-league as well others it spots)

The question is does FAS president know anything.

Under his reign, I would say relationship with Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has gone sour thanks to his misjudgement.

Looked at history, AFC ended it unofficial ban on Singapore hosting AFC competition (They refused to let Singapore host 1993 WCQ Final group as well as 1997 WCQ between Iran and Japan) under the reign of Mah Bow Tan and then under Assoc Pro Ho Peng Kee, we received not just ACL spot but also got two allocation of FIFA GOAL money with AFC help.

What the difference then.

First, they did not humliate AFC like our current President who decided to announce to the world, before informing them, we are pulling out of the ACL race in 2010.

Second, both previous President understand the need to not just talk with AFC but also keep continue contact with the power-in-charge for that was why DPMM Brunei was allowed in the S-league at start of 2009 before our current FAS President who took charge at March of that year forgot.

Indeed, he was cut short immediately when DPMM Brunei was banned later in the year and like now in the ACL slot battle he could only react.

That a reason why Thai Premier League has come out unscathed as their Football Assoication of Thailand (FAT) President Worawi Makudi is a pro at such work.

He is not a member of FIFA and AFC exco for nothing as he even got England to travel all the way around the globe play a friendly with Thailand with him earning all the money.

That why I am celebrating the end of a FAS president who does not work for anything for like SMRT CEO, he is always missing when trouble brew.


druryfire said...

Uzbeks were in the East in 2012 aswell, so nothing changed wih the pushing here.

What is bizarre is that the East accept a West side, it simply wouldn't happen if the roles were reversed.

FAT chairman didn't pull out of England game, the game was never going to happen. It was England hoping for WC Votes and when it didn't happen they called it off. But in fact it was never on their fixture list. No one in England knew anything about it and the dates FAT wanted were already taken for games.

Wowrai has always been a liar. And thats unfortuantly what you need to get to the top.

happy said...

The Thailand vs England friendly was announced & even put up by website like BBC as England plan their friendly 1 year in advance

So it was in the fixture list.

As for Uzbek, the team in the East has to be renew every time becos they r nt afflicted to the East

So a deal has to be struck every time

The FAT chief to protect his own interest first before everything else & tht why I called it politic

No right no wrong, only winners & losers