Monday, November 5, 2012

SPH Media Bloopers

Here some bloopers as SPH reporters attempt to show off their knowledge or not

civotarum noted TNP 'good work'

cant help but feel, some reporters/columnists are just shooting off their mouth without doing any research, nor have much knowledge of the league... I guess it just shows the level of interest/passion they have for the league

just an example, leonard thomas wrote in TNP yesterday that for the second successive year, the champions of Singapore's domestic professional club competition will be decided in the final week of the campaign.

Firstly, it is still not known whether the title will be decided in the final week. As long as DPMM fails to get at least 4 points against Woodlands on Sunday and against Hougang on Wednesday, the league title is Tampines'.

Secondly, it is definitely not the second successive year, I still remember 2010, when the title was decided on the final day, Etoile was initially trailing against I think Albirex, and with Tampines leading in their game, the title was for a moment going to Tampines. But Etoile came back in the second half to win.

I cant remember 2009 (whether it could have been more than 'three' successive years), but if I am going to write a column in a newspaper, I will definitely do some research first. 
 And here from me pointing out they might as copy from others as they are not that good 

SPH Straits Times report on fine idea. But the report had errors.  

First is not going to increase total prize money by $100k. It is the champion prize money as reported by TODAY long ago

Second: Total prize money is nt $150k. It is again only the champion.

prize money (1) - $150K (2) - $75k (3) $40K (4) $35K (5) $30k (6) $25k (7) $20K (8) $15k (9) $10k (10) $5K (11) $3k

Third: give prize to top 11 not top 10.

Being the national papers as they constantly tout themselves, expect Straits Times to do better  

Especially as they quoted total Prize money out and make it visible

SPH can take reports from elsewhere if they cnnt do good jobs themsleves

Afterall it is well known without reports from AFP or Reuters etc SPH will hve little reports on theuir own

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