Tuesday, November 27, 2012

AFC Champions League 'final decision' could see S-league up against A-league

According to GreenLion (Chinese football fan), this is the 'final decision' as reported by the Chinese media
  1. Official draw of ACL 2013 group stage will be held on December 6
  2. Passing Mark to ACL 2013 will be 600 points
  3. Leagues who do not meet the criteria will not have direct entry to ACL
  4. Uzbekistan League will be placed in both East and West with one club in each zone
  5. Each round of the group stage will have three matchday: Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday
  6. Round of 16, Quarter-Final, Semi-Final and Final matches will now be Home-Away
Thus V-league who were earlier reported to have a ACL qualifiers slot will now lose it along with Indonesia Super Liga who have likely already lost it.

At the same time, A-league along with Thai Premier League will lose their direct entry 
East Asia
Country        Points  Group Stage   Qualification
Japan           946.8      4              0
South Korea     886.6      4              0
China           796.8      4              0
Uzbekistan      680.8      1              0
------------------------------------------- meet criteria
Australia       567.0      0              3
Thailand        177.2      0              2
Singapore      -135.1      0              1

In that case, S-league will now meet an A-league side for 1 of the 3 Group Stage slot in this situation.

So get ready to go to Australia, Tampines. 

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