Thursday, May 9, 2013

Accept the turth, referees

Singapore Press Holding TNP have reported match commissioner Jimmy Cheong had try to control the crowd at Woodlands match against Home United after rookie referee Jansen Foo send off Woodlands star player Khalid Hamdaoui.

This is ridiculous for any person involved in the game from players to coaches to management etc will have been whacked from time to time so why is it referees want to be special.

Also the FAS Referees Committee have been deaf to the fact that in recent years, the refereeing have been noted as terrible.

The only reason clubs have not said as much nowadays is because they have been stranglehold to the point that they are not allowed to criticize in public anymore.

Just a few weeks ago, as written the assistant referee had a terrible game in the DPMM-Balestier game and it affect the outcome yet nothing was spoken about it as local clubs do not dare to say anything anymore as reported almost 2 years back; even if they reported it, the FAS Referees Committee will still send the referee back to officiate the next game.

Thus it was the clubs who reported it that 'suffered' so clubs have to 'pass' the referee every time.

The only guy who is still vocal on the issue have been DPMM coach Vjeran Simunic and most likely it is because he is with a Bruneian club and feel wronged.

FAS Referees Committee only defence to all that criticisms in recent time is the fact they had send Shamsul Maidin to the 2006 World Cup and he officiated in the quarter-final stage.

The saying a swan does not make a summer mean something for it is only one person and if the system was working and standard of local refereeing was indeed that 'great', there would have been more examples of Singapore referees at all major competitions.

Only you guys still believed you guys are the 'best referees' from the Asian region and that only because you stopped others from criticizing.

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