Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ridhuan moved to new club

Former Singapore international Muhammad Ridhuan has moved to a new club on loan according to GOAL website

Indonesia Super League (ISL) club Arema Indonesia had previously wanted to sack him for 'poor performances'' but reversed their decision but the former Singapore international will not see any further action with them this season as the player will be loaned out to Persisam Samarinda.

“I will head over to Samarinda and play for Persisam," Ridhuan told, after Arema had announced a week ago that they were letting him go.

“I am leaving Malang [Arema’s home town] with a heavy heart as the people here are friendly and the supporters and players are close with each other.”

Although Ridhuan is sad to leave his loyal fans, he hopes they understand the predicament he is in and promised to give his best for his new club.

“The atmosphere in Kanjuruhan Stadium will spur any players on to play their best," he said.

"In short, I feel like an extended family member of Malang. But this is the life of a footballer - we might move to [a] different club every season.

"I am a professional and if Arema is to play in Samarinda, I will do all I can to ensure my team win.”

Ridhuan has thus far played five times for the club this season, twice as a starter, but has failed to impress coach Rahmad Darmawan in those matches.

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