Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ahmad Latiff is a Stags

Ahmad Latiff has joined Tampines Rovers on a two-year contract as the Eastern giant looked for a player who can play in the role behind Aleksandar Duric, like Noor Ali once did famously with.

They believed this will bring out the best from Duric in his last season as the Noor-Duric combination won a number of trophies in their time.

Whether Ahmad Latiff can click as effectively will of course be answer next season but Duric has no doubt that Ahmad Latiff can do it.

The Stags have also announced this will be the last transfer activity of their pre-season as they believed they have the players they need with them re-signing their 4 foreigners- Akihiro Nakamura, Park Yo Seb, Benoit Croissant and Seiji Kaneko - as well as promoting Ahmed Fahmie and Taufiq Rahmat from the Prime league.

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