Sunday, December 26, 2010

Aliff sentenced to jail

Aliff Shafaein was sent to jail after pleading guilty to charges of drink driving and driving without a licence.

The former Tampines Rovers captain was driving along Lentor Avenue without due care and collided with another car on the morning of November 14.

Both vehicles were extensively damaged and the driver of the other car suffered bodily abrasions and cuts.

A traffic police officer conducted a breathalyser test on Aliff after noticing that he reeked of alcohol.

Aliff failed the breathalyser test and was placed under arrest for drink driving.

Further investigations also revealed that Aliff drove the car despite not having a driver's license.

He also drove the car without the permission of the owner and did not have valid insurance coverage.

For his offences, he was sentenced to three weeks' jail, fined S$6,100 and disqualified from holding or obtaining driving licences from all classes for 18 months after his release.

Aliff was also fined S$4,400 and disqualified holding or obtaining driving licences from all classes for 12 months, for driving an off-peak car during restricted hours on 13 July 2007 without a supplementary license.

He was also found to be driving without a driving license and insurance coverage on that day.

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