Monday, December 20, 2010

Super Home

Home United is building a super side for 2010 as the Protectors are reportedly on the verge of signing the 2002 K-league MVP Kim Dae-Eui.

The 36-year-old had won a K-league title with Suwon Bluewings; the previous club of Home United coach Paul Lee and it is this connection that lead many to believe the Protectors have a good chance of signing the Korean.

The Korean ex-international have load of experience having played over 200 games in the K-league with Seongnam and Suwon as well as a season in J-league with JEF.

If he sign on, the Protectors front line looked to be strongest in the S-league as they also have Mendy and Qiu and the midfield supporting them is no slouch with internationals like Shi Jia Yi and Isa Halim. At the back, Lionel Lewis, one of the best pair of hand in ASEAN, is still there and protecting him could be the best defence pairing of 2010 with ex-Cameroon international Valery Hiek and one-time Warriors Kenji Arai teaming up together.

While the Protectors have no chance of showcasing that team to Asia this year, few will bet against them not playing in Asia next year with that squad.

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