Thursday, December 23, 2010

Home United aiming for Cubs

Home United is reportedly aiming to secure the services of Young Lions midfielder Hariss Harun and fellow defender Safuwan Baharudin.

While it is difficult to see the Cubs willingness to release the two most talented players in their side to the Protectors, one wonder if staying at Young Lions will be beneficial.

Both need to be challenged to be competitive at their age and yet, it is unlikely they get it at Jalan Besar for they are the best among their peers. Also with a championship side, they can be homed with a winning mentality as with the Cubs, a result against the Big 3 sides is considered a big thing but it is not good enough at Bishan. 

However, the flip side is whether they can get into the starting eleven in a side like the Protectors regularly and if the Bishan side had Asian football, I will say it is worth it.

So what is FAS decision, we await.

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