Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winson Song take over Woodlands Wellington

Former Sengkang Punggol vice-chairman Winson Song have taken over Woodlands Wellington.

He is now the chairman of Woodlands Wellington.

While TODAY seek to paint a cloud over this takeover as it had reportedly involved Sengkang Punggol chairman Bill Ng as he was in the meeting that saw Winson Song announced as chairman.

The paper believed this was inapportiate as during the meeting the Rams financial health was disclosed and according to S-league regulations, such a meeting can only involved the managment of the Rams and no outsider is allowed.

However, FAS has comeout to defend this takeover as following the rules and regulations of the S-league that governed S-league clubs.

Therefore, the takeover of Woodlands Wellington by Winson Song stand.

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Dhas said...

Welldone and good move, to FAS and new Chairman of Mr.Winson Song and Company of Woodlands wellington FC. We need to see the changes. We cant depend on SemCorb at all time when we cant prove to them.

I belive,with new managment,coaches and younger players we can stay in the sleague top 6th position.