Saturday, December 18, 2010

Zainudin ready to abandon S-league II

One thing about our current FAS president, he is make to be a politician as his current interview with TODAY is aiming to please all but like the USA president and ROC president, I expect him to end up pleasing nobody.

He can talk about giving him up to 2013 to judge his work on the S-league but may I remind him he had two season already and the fact, he admit he had no plan until the very next season lead me to ask, where were you the last two seasons!

And I am being generous as FAS president successor are usually nominated months before they are appointed so Zainudin knew he was going to be President as early as the end of 2008.

Also, was S-league not part of the Strategic Plan announced so why do you need to tell us you have a new plan.

What happen or is the truth you had no plans for S-league in the first place as quite frankly I noticed you tend to talk about ASEAN Super League and the Malaysia Cup more often.

That why I can only dub my view on your interview as Zainudin ready to abandon S-league Part II.

Because I found nothing in there to change that view.

You sugarcoat the issue by telling us sending a representative to the Malaysia Cup will increase revenue for all but without any figures quoted by you to back that up

That why I can only looked at the semi-pro years when Singapore was in the Malaysia League.

The figures I got is not the revenue but the more important profit and loss and I will explain why as people who read the article - Having longer term for FAS president make more sense - will know I quoted the blog Swiss rant and this blog will tell you revenue without profit is like the Warren Buffet saying which is cash holding (Amount of cash a company hold) is more important than the Balance Sheet.

After all, if revenue was the all-important one then Barcelona will never have to accept a shirt deal from Qatar Foundation as they are already among the world top two in term of that but it is the profit and loss that decided their fate.

With them suffering losses even in their record year of revenue, they have been piling up the debts so revenue without a profit is not worth the paper it is written on.

So onwards to those figures which I will show with more information in addition to Part I is that we suffer $3.2 million in losses with $850k profit. Deducting out everything, that mean a loss of $2.35 million so may I ask you whether it will fund us or we end up like the semi-pro years when we are the ones funding it.

We know who pay for it with the Singapore Premier League on the verge of folding thank to that while our youth programme were axed to the point of extinction.

Just to illustrate it, the losses would have funded the Goh Chok Tong Scheme until today and no doubt FAS will tell us the cancellation of the Scheme was in no way connected to the $1.5 million we lost that year.

It was just a concidence (I guess is your answer) but I guess life is full of that as earlier, once SPL member Tyrwhitt Societties collapse came when you withdrew the SPL fundings must be just another case of concidence with FAS having lost $1.2 million.

So while you are talking about revenue, you may also want to share how you intend to absorb the losses as no business in the world can claim they have never make a loss and with football record, I will say it is even more common.

Do you intend to be like then FAS general-secretary John Koh and pulled out the funding for S-league or have the clubs agreed they will share FAS losses from their seed money while FAS get to keep the revenue.

After answering the question above , let go to the next one where you further sugarcoat any issues by promising you will never allow the Singapore National Team to represent it but what is a promise worth.

FAS, when it started the Young Lions back in 03, promised the Cubs will only select players from the Prime League so as to give those U23 with potential a head start but less than a year later, the U23 logo was taken out and players above U23 and from the S-league squad could be selected.

But do not worry, you are not the only one who head an organisation who cannot keep promises as we see already from FIFA World Cup voting but the English should have nothing to complain about as history will tell us the FA are hardly an organisation that kept their words as they had promised Germany that they will support their World Cup (in 2006) bid if they support England for Euro 96.

The German kept their but the English broke their as they compete with Germany for World Cup 06 so it is clear few care about promises.

You can promise you will not send the National Team and will continue to support S-league but once there, the track record will tell me never to trust a person on his words alone especially you, Zainudin, a person who is make to be a politician.

Especially as you have promised too much.
  • Implment FAS Strategic Plan in 15 years
  • ASEAN Super League by 2014
  • Club World Cup when Sport hub is completed
  • Malaysia Cup by X year
  • Never send Singapore National Team to Malaysia Cup
  • Focus more on Youth development
  • Stronger S-league by end of reign
  • Promotion and relegation system by end of year (Already broke this promise)
  • S-league getting an ACL group place (Another broken promise) 
Let first see if your organistion can even keep the promise to have a decision by year end on the 12th S-league team.

It is only two weeks away and if you cannot keep such a simple one, it will further show people why your reign should end as soon as possible.

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