Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cubs change their coach

The Young Lions is set to change their coach for the upcoming season.

V Sundramoorthy have been told he will not be the Cubs coach for 2011 and it is rumored FAS Technical Director Slobodan Pavkovic will be taking over with Robin as his assistant.

I am split on this for with Slobodan Pavkovic in charge, I am sure the Cubs will be playing the 4-2-3-1 system we intend to implement (and I support this system for anybody who read before, I advocate the end of 4-4-2 years ago)

Also, we may play more attacking football as with no disrespect to Sundram but anybody who seem him coach from the time when he was with Jurong FC, he is more renown for building defensive side and never an attacking one.

So if Singapore were to take the next step in international football, our club sides have to train players who can attack but it cannot happen if every teams played 'physically' like I mention before.

Yet at the same time, I do not wish to see the Serbian taking his mind off his role as Technical Director with him currently implementing changes in coaching our youths not only in FAS but at the grassroots level as well.

It is far too important to have him wandering his mind elsewhere.

After all, we could have a system years ago if Jan Poulsen did not have to juggle with that many roles and we were affected by not how he did as Technical Director - with the disappointment of his time with the National Team meaning he could not stay.
If the Cubs do not do well, will Slobodan Pavkovic then see his position undermined and is it worth it?

I hope it will not come to such an outcome.

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