Monday, December 27, 2010

Home games should be played at home

Tampines Rovers chairman have remarked that home games in the S-league should be played at the real home of the club.

This is especially so now with FAS wanting to build up the link with the community of the club where the team is based.

He find it ridiculous for last season up to one third of the Stags home matches had to be staged at Jalan Besar.

I have to agree with the Stags chairman as I had never agreed with the plan to bring matches to Jalan Besar back in 2006 for the sake of television viewership and the talk it will preserve the pitch of the club at their home ground.

The plan have gone too far from where it was which was one match a month to now - with champions Etoile FC surely the 'second home side' of Jalan Besar.

And one do not see the benefit as the pitch of the stadiums are still badly maintained seeing how Choa Chu Kang had to close for months last season because the pitch was 'dieing' while Yishun was a mud field and let not go into every stadium pitch state as it will take forever.
At the same time, it does not helped to build up any link with the community for one thing I read over the week is a good point as West Coast GRC MPs remarked they have to host events at their own ward for it is crazy for residents of Jurong West to travel to Clementi.

The Jurong West residents just do not feel the links and it is just as crazy to ask Stags or any other club fans to travel to Jalan Besar when they have their own real home stadium.

FAS, if they are serious about building community linkup, should asked who is more important.

The viewership or the fans they claimed they want to attract.

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