Monday, October 22, 2012

2013 plans for S-league and Prime League (Edited)

Here are the changes for S-league next year.
  • S-league to split up into two half after 24 league games.
  • Top half will have 7 teams and bottom half 6 teams.
  • They will play another round of 6 games for top half and 5 games for bottom half.
  • S-league champions Prize package to increase to $250k.
  • Singapore Cup Champions may also see a raise 
  • 2.4km run to replace Beep test.
  • Passing mark is 10 min 15 sec
  • Teams can sign up to 5 foreigners if 1 of the player is star player.
  • Star player introduced in which S-league will help to subsidies his salary if he meet their criteria.
  • S-league will aid clubs to look for star players who meet mark.
  • Bottom two teams in the league to be fined
  • Bottom team - $50k. Second last - $30k

Prime leagues changes for 2013
  • Prime League to be Under-21.
  • 5 players - Under-21 to Under-23 - allowed to be registered in Prime League squad
  • Passing mark for Prime League for 2.4km run is 10 min 45 sec
  • 1 foreigner allowed to be signed for Prime League if he is Under-21

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