Saturday, October 27, 2012

Alam Shah return had caused problem within team

Tampines coach Tay Peng Kee had revealed to Goal website Noh Alam return had caused problem within the team and he was the one who resolved it.

Apart from revealation about Noh Alam Shah issue, Tay also spoke about how he foster a better team spirit with the players

He claimed after the Hougang game (His first game in charge) he had hold a meeting as he felt team morale and spirit was missing.

After the meeting, players knew what he wanted and that why they got the win against to go top of the table.

For the Noh issue, he also had a talk with the players as he wanted the team to welcome Noh and give a chance to gel with the team so he can be an asset.

He believed the team has done that and that is why the team is doing well.

Tay also hope to continue to work with the team beyond this season.

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