Monday, October 22, 2012

A president who rise and fall with it

Since the release of plans for next year S-league came out, there have been much talks on it and much of it bad.

Quite frankly, I have no view on it as I cannot tell if the plans will work or out for I noted many times before; all plans have pros and cons so nobody can claim with any certainty their plans will run 100% smoothly at all time.

More importantly, for me, the plans are not the problem, it is the system that currently just parachute a person to the top.

Yes, I am talking about the post of FAS president and here is an old POV article - Have longer term for FAS president make more sense.

My view has not changed since that POV article two years ago and at this point, Singapore football need a FAS president for the long term ever more for in that link, I already know revamp after revamp will not work and it only result in frustration for all around as sponsors Courts and Blogger Pohui have voiced it out.

And two years down the road, I see another terrible effect thanks to a FAS president who stay for just 4 years.

Indeed, with much problems still plaguing Singapore football at the grassroots level in the S-league, the turth is our current FAS President is about to walk away from it all without much harm to his career at all.

This can easily be seem by Home United example two years back under the stewardship of Koh Siong Ling in which it cost the Bishan club the S-league crown and yet in the end, the now ex-Home United chairman can walk away from it all.

The best part for the current FAS President, he will be coming out smelling of roses as let not beat around the bush, the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) media will be singing his praises when he depart next year telling us of the 'great achievements' of the past 4 years.

All failures (if SPH do list them as there are many) will be directed to the orgainisation; meaning Football Association of Singapore (FAS) and in no way was it FAS president fault.

Yet the question is should not the organisation (FAS) be him and him the organisation as he was it leader for the past 4 years.

So we can see the biggest flaw of the current system; it neither reward good leadership nor punish bad one.

The fact is other than a longer term for FAS president, we also need one who is linked to it (By it, I mean Singapore football) fall and rise.

And it does not mean it must be a sport personality or not; for many sport organisations are not led by them.

The best example is everybody favourite league Braclay Premier League (BPL); whose head is a former newsman Richard Scudamore.

When he took over BPL, it was still not top of the pack yet and a product everybody must have for other major European leagues have their own market as well.

However, he understood the trend and in an age when then-German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder told the world Bundesliga will play on Sunday over his dead body, the BPL introduced 12 pm UK time games to attract the Asian audience.

No other European Leagues make as much efforts as BPL did and looked at the results today in which it lead the other major European Leagues by a huge margin in the money stake and they are now playing catch-up with Serie A and La Liga all playing games that are suited for Asia since last season.

Richard Scudamore career is linked to his product (BPL) and if he had fail to grow it as brilliantly as the past decade, he will be out of a job.

So it is clear longevity is just one of the factor for the post and we need a new system in which Singapore football and the S-league has a President who rise and fall with it as well and not just walk away every 4 years no matter what.

For in a bid to prevent a Loh Lin Kok (Singapore Athletic Association former President), we created a Zaindiun Nordin which is far worse.

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