Sunday, October 21, 2012

Paul: Wilkinson will not play under me again

Home United coach Paul Lee has announced John Wilkinson has no future in Home United after the both of them had a falling out.

Despite the end result which saw a 7-3 thrashing of Geylang United, it seem John Wilkinson did not take kindly to being substituted before half-time especially as the Protectors had just equalised.

Paul Lee believed Wilkinson was not following his instruction and decided to take him off as punishment.

The 33-year-old did not take kindly to that move and let his coach know of it as he walk off.

The Home United coach have decided he will not tolerate the former international anymore as it was not their first clash.

And the Korean has put the blame squarely on the midfielder as he revealed Wilkinson has not shown him respect right from their first encounter in training in January and since then, he has continue to show that kind of attitude with him and showing no desire to play for Paul Lee.

John Wilkinson is the third Home United player to fall out with the Korean in the last 3 year with the others being Brazilian Peres and defender Shariff Abdul Samat.

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