Friday, October 26, 2012

Tampines change coach after League Cup exit

Champions Tampines Rovers has move to change their coach after their defeat in the Starhub League Cup to Geylang United.

Technical director Tay Peng Kee has been apppinted as the new coach replacing Steven Tan.

The reason is chairman Teo Hock Seng believe the team needed a new direction as he feel they are slacking off again and returning back to where they were eariler in the season.

The Stags are fighting for the S-league again after going on a 6-match winning streak w hen earlier in the season they were struggling to compete.

Teo has been impressed by Tay as he was able to help Ahmad Latiff pass his Beep Test when all the other staff, including head coach Steven Tan, failed.

So Teo think Tay is the man to bring the team back on track.

Steven Tan will go back to coaching the Prime League Team.

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