Saturday, October 20, 2012

Muda to play their home games in Malaysia next season

CNA has reported Harimua Muda will be playing their home games in Malaysia next year.

The games will either be held in Johore or Malacca.

I think this is a good idea as I never know why the Malaysian side is based in Yishun for what in the first place and they should have played their home game in Malaysia from the start.

Afterall Brunei DPMM are based in their home back on Borneo Island. 

This is a good move in the right direction.

Next though, I have to ask if S-league will then have to continue to pay full subsidises to Muda as 1) they will be playing their home games in Malaysia 2) They may be sending a different team next season from what they promised.

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price per head said...

oh I think it would be a bummer for the fans, but on the other hand i think that Muda will have a better field to play soccer