Friday, April 26, 2013

End of V.Selvaraj as Mirko Grabovac offered Warriors job

Axrosstheline has reported former Warriors legend, Mirko Grabovac has been offered the job of Warriors FC head coach.

However it seem the Warriors management still want to come out of this situation as 'good guys' as they want to wait for Selvaraj to quit and is not willing to sack him.

“Someone actually recommended (former Warriors FC player) Mirko Grabovac to us. But so long as V Selvaraj is still the head Coach of Warriors FC, we will respect every decision that he makes being the head Coach. We will wait to see how things go, and I think it is only right for us to do that,” Warriors FC’s General Manager Chong Wei Chiang told axrosstheline.

Will it be too late as Selvaraj seem determined to last it out until July and surely the June transfer window when Grabovac can bring in his own men will be wasted.

The Warriors management need to show they are in charge, not following.

Afterall they already offered a job to someone else, this is a vote of no confidence and they should take action now.

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