Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New National Football League for 2014

Footballopod has reported changes for the National Football League (NFL) for 2014.

From next season, the three-tier NFL will become two-tier with Division 3 absorbed into the Islandwide League.

There will be a number of playoff at the end of the season due to the restructuring.

The last-placed team for Division 1 will be relegated to Division 2, with the top three sides from that Division moving up in the opposite direction.

There will also be a playoff between the seventh-placed Division 1 team and the fourth-placed Division 2 side to determine the tenth team in Division 1.

As for Division 2, the bottom two teams will be part of the restructured Islandwide League with the top three from Division 3 staying in the NFL as part of Division 2.

Along with that, the Islandwide champions will be promoted to Division Two.

To make up Division 2, there will be a four-team playoff series between the fourth to sixth-placed teams from Division 3 and the runners-up of the Islandwide League to determine the last slot for a 10-team 2014 Division Two.

Only the winner will remain in NFL with the rest all demoted to the 2014 Islandwide League.

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