Wednesday, April 17, 2013

SNOC to FAS: No SEA Games

SPH TNP has reported Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) will reject FAS application for the Under-23 team to go to the SEA Games.

Reason is LionsXII is not Under-23 as half the starting team is overage and one cannot form any consensus from that.

SNOC chief Chris Chan noted one cannot say if one take half a team here and half a team there and combined them together, the results will come as this is not realistic for no such team exist and the team has never played together to prove it.

They want results to be based on international games the Under-23 play and at this point FAS has not played a single Under-23 game.

So there is no Under-23 team.

SNOC also reminded the public it was not a new rule and previous Under-23 teams had followed it with no sports exempted.

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