Monday, April 1, 2013

Unhappiness expressed over LWS

Unhappiness is growing over the Lightning Warning System (LWS) that have been installed this season

Here is comments from AJAJAJAJ
I think the SSC and S-league should find a better lightning management system other than the one currently in place. 
Tonight's match of the week game was delayed for so long at JBS. I find it puzzling that a decision was only made at 8.40pm whether the game should go ahead. For me I didn't notice any effects from an approaching storm or inclement weather with lightning coming around. Indeed the majority of the fans felt very frustrated waiting for something that turned out to be a no show rain or lightning focus.
The game eventually started at 9.15am after having the players warmed up.
In the history of Sleague matches played (although a Sinchi player died during training), I do not recall a system like this so deterrent. Is the management overplaying the whole issue?
Why couldn't a decision be made much earlier to play the game or postpone it instead at 8.40pm? What are the benefits of such a system, which I think makes a complete joke of the whole situation.
At Adventure Cove Sentosa, many thousands of people take to the waters everyday. Yet the risk of stopping all activities only arise when an imminent lightning strike is measured. I have witnessed mostly along these times when such calls are made at AC. Strong blustery winds are felt and seen. Dark clouds are very closed by with evidence of approaching risk.
Could Sleague study how AC does this right.
For tonight's game, the red alarm was ringing even without any form of danger in sight. This system must be a very sophisticated one. As Singapore is quite prone to lightning attacks throughout the whole year, the chances of the system triggering would be almost a common feature. However that does not mean that lightning will strike ever so close but could be say 8 to 10 km away. Would a match be halted at jbs if rain and lightning persist in Bedok?
Is the system so hyper sensitive that even in such a scenario, the effect at jbs could be nil but still play is stopped.
The delay will cause a lot of unnecessary displeasure to many many supporters and this is something we do not want to see at this point of time. The precautions taken are good but need some adjustment perhaps.
Sometimes, a little bit of common sense will prevail rather that a preventive measure that looks downright stupid!

The Lightning Warning System (LWS) is based on the inputs from the National Environment Agency (NEA). For the guys who have gone through NS, this is similar to let's say, the CAT 1 that we are very familiar with.
Unfortunately, this system is being installed by the Singapore Sports Council (SSC). The FAS and S.League do not have the power to control it. The two organisations just do not seem to be able to work with each other. Even if all Club Chairmen were to sign a petition against the LWS it will not make any difference as the SSC will not be doing away with it, at least not anytime soon. In fact, i don't think that SSC will remove it, simply because the management just want to cover their arses 'in case' anything happens. Their mentality is always 'Safety First'.
I am just waiting to see an MSL game being affectedby the LWS. Wonder what the Malaysian teams and FAM will have to say about it.
Oh yes. Need i mention that I think we are the only countryin the world to have football matches being controlled by a 'red light'? Uniquely Singapore indeed..!!

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