Sunday, March 6, 2011

Eagles continue their search for their fourth foreigner

It seem the arrival of Argentina forward Ivan Fergonzi to Geylang United was premature as blogger Po Hui has revealed the Eagles are looking at a Korean forward.
The Korean striker name is Jung Hee-bong and is called K2 Peter Crouch, for his height no doubt, as he is 1.9m.

The 24-year-old was in Indonesia just this week for trial with ISL side Persisam Putra Samarinda but it seem he has not got the contract thus he is now trying out for the Eagles, who have not found their Peter Tomko replacement as yet.

Is he the solution?

He looked impressive from the report from Persisam site but who know as sometimes things do not work out.

The thing I know is that the Eagles have up to the end of March to find their fourth foreigner or they will have to wait until June.   

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