Saturday, March 5, 2011

S-league Preview IV

S-league Preview III (Edited to add in Albirex Niigata (S) vs Tampines Rovers) - 2 right and 3 wrong with 1 still undecided

Mon 7-Mar Etoile FC - Hougang United (QTS)
Tue 8-Mar SAFFC - Woodlands Wellington (CCK)
Thu 10-Mar Tampines Rovers - TPUFC (TMP)
Fri 11-Mar Geylang United - Balestier Khalsa (JBS) 
Sun 13-Mar Home United - Albirex Niigata (S) (BSN) 

Etoile FC vs Hougang United
The Champions are in need of a boast and Hougang, having conceded 10 goals in their two matches, looked to be that team. This is because the Cheetah are not a defensive side like most local sides, who are not part of the Big 3. That is why I hoped Aide stayed on that path as what is the use if local sides do not get thrashed but are not even playing football. Yes, the side is getting the wrong end of results but they are really learning the trade of the game and in time, they will improve. 2-2 draw 

SAFFC vs Woodlands Wellington
The Warriors do not need their injured players back for this one as that is how bad I think the Rams are. They have not scored for that long as noted by the S-league website that I believed they are fast building a record that may not be surpassed for a while, if ever. If they do not score, they are no threat to the Warriors and there is no better team for Indra to strike that 200th goal (or he has to wait for Jaguars again). 4-0 to Warriors

Tampines Rovers vs TPUFC
The Stags can have another goal feast at Tampines as the Jaguars defence should concede at least a few goal, if not a goal, a match as they give their opposition chances. If the Stags take full advantage, it should be over at half-time and they can then give their own youngsters a chance at testing the youngsters at the Jaguars side with little fear. 4-0 to the Stags. 

Geylang United vs Balestier Khalsa
If this was played at the start of the season, I will not relished it as both sides are so defensive it will be difficult to see a match of any type - other than entire team defending - developing. Now, it may be different, the Eagles are finally flying out of their nest to play as I saw them take on the Warriors and they show they can do it so what is Mike Wong so fearful about before. The Eagles have now score two goals or more for two constitutive matches and they have never gone beyond this under Mike Wong. Go for it Eagles as you have shown you can play. 3-2 to the Eagles.

Home United vs Albirex Niigata (S)
The Protectors should win this one if they want the championship. The White Swans can be a tough side but are beatable from the Protectors point of strength. Dropping points against the likes of White Swans can come back to haunt the Protectors like last season where they can see points dropped against the likes of Albirex Niigata (S) and Balestier Khalsa etc at even non-crucial stage saw them missed the championship by that few points. 3-1 to Home United

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