Saturday, March 26, 2011

Where's Teo

Another report about the bloodthirsty (or is it moneythirsty) SCC - Braced for a double blow

So like Where's Wally, where's Teo now?

The Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Community Development, Youth and Sports Mr Teo Ser Luck spoke so 'bravely' in Parliament about the amount of money Singapore football have been given and now with the turth out that SSC (Under MCYS) is aiming for that money.

Why has he not spoken out?

He defended the Government position then and now, one wonder why SSC need that much money and he should be in a position to answer. (let hope it is not because SSC need $557 chairs as well)

Yet there is no sight of him and he is the front man to develop Singapore sport as he is also chairman of Singapore culture committee - which aim to develop a sport culture in Singapore - and he claimed he is 'doing that for Singapore football'. (I am having a laugh)

Surely fans have a right to an answer for you are willing to claim the glory of telling us there is money yet is unwilling to appear when it time to answer why the money is going back into your hand.

Where's Teo?

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