Friday, March 18, 2011

(MCYS) Teo Ser Luck want his million buck back

TODAYonline | Sports | S-League clubs worry over rental hikes

I knew it.

Now Parliament is over, the focus move to General Election (GE) so the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS)  under it Senior Parliamentary Secretary Teo Ser Luck is increasing, yes, the rental due to, yes again, market rate.

Remember in the Parliament debate, he claimed football is given increase in funding so now he want it all in his SSC coffer. (As MCYS he control SSC)

No doubt, he will tell us he will increase Subsidy.

But is the format 'flawed' as in my mind, this is the format

Product: $10 Subsidy: 50% Cost: $5

After 'increase' in Subsidy to 75%

Same Product: $15 Subsidy: 75% Cost: $7.5

He want his million bucks back as let be honest, he never wanted to give it away in the first place

Written a while again because I know SSC will increase it rental rates once it saw increase funding

Not the first time and not the last

MCYS Teo miss the point

The headline numbers do not matter if it is gobbled up by commercial rates

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Vincent said...

With the current bureaucrat regime, I am convinced that club football will never be lively and vibrant.